Monday, November 5, 2007

A Proper Boot

So what is the proper fit for a boot? I just received my very first pair of dress boots from Zappos, having ordered them at 5:00 on Saturday night (so miraculous, as always), and I have no idea if they fit properly. They feel comfortable enough in the foot part; a little loose in the ankle; a little tight at the top. Most importantly, do they come up high enough on my leg?

I am extraordinarily late to the boot-wearing world because I thought this very expensive fashion would disappear quickly. I looked at people in lovely skirts and then boots that left a gap between the top of the boot and the bottom of the skirt and thought, "Knee high socks in seventh grade at girls' school." Personal experience. Alternatively, I thought, "Go-go dancer." Which, when I was six, I wanted to be, of course.

I think Lorelei Gilmore/Lauren Graham of "Gilmore Girls" convinced me that I should own boots. She always looked so good. Admittedly, she wore extroardinarily high spike heels: a suburban woman's Carrie Bradshaw. And if I decide to model my style after Lorelei, whose complete series is already in syndication on ABC Family, then I'm still dressing in the past. Then again, it would bring me much closer to the present than I am now.

So here I am in a lovely pair of boots, rather sexy, actually. But are they right? Has the six hours of online research (plus trying on my boss' boots right in her office) really finally paid off, and I can move on to obsessing about something else? Or should I buy a few more pairs and take advantage of Zappos' lovely perfect service?

Coming soon: spa slippers.

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