Thursday, September 18, 2014

Ooma's atrocious customer service

My Ooma box broke. Because my cell phone doesn't work at home, I had to live chat with them to try to sort it out.  They were useless.  A friend walked me through every possible test we could do, and then I went to work and called Ooma.  I told them I wasn't with the box but that I could tell them the results of any test they would want me to do.  He ran through a standard list of questions, and I answered them all.  I'm wondering if the question that stumped me was on the list or was his own creativity: He asked, "Have you taken it to someone else's house to see if it works there?"

When the replacement box arrived (which I had to pay for, as the original warranty ended a month ago), I needed my account transferred. So I went on live chat to ask them to do it. Here was the response ("Liza" is them, not me; I am "You").

Liza: In order for your account to be transferred to the new Ooma device, I can open a ticket for you now so that our Higher Level of Support will be able to do the transfer for you. They will be sending you email feedback within 24-48 hours once the transfer is done. Would that be okay?
You: It's not great. Is that my only option?
Liza: Yes.
I like that Higher Level of Support is capitalized. Because it's like they are going to ask God. Also, email within 24-48 hours just means email within 48 hours.

Ah, poor woman. She asked me for feedback.
Liza: Are you satisfied with the way I handled your chat session?
You: No, I am not.  You were unable to resolve my issue.  You were perfectly polite and did everything you could, but I am not satisfied with the service I have received.You: I know it's not unique to you.  I have never had a satisfying experience with Ooma customer service. You: You are clearly not trained or empowered to help customers.  Even the Higher Level of Support people have not been helpful in the past.
(Heheheh, I referred to Higher Level of Support.) She got a supervisor, and they transferred my account within minutes.
Liza: There's still supervisor available. I am going to request now to do the transfer. 
You: Thank you.
Liza: One moment please.Liza: Done. Your account has been transferred to the new Ooma device.Liza: You may now connect your Ooma device to your router.
You: Thank you, Liza.  I appreciate that you escalated this. 
Liza: Are you satisfied with the way I handled your chat session?
You: I am satisfied with the resolution.  I wish we had started with your finding someone to help.  I wish Ooma's standard process was as helpful as the exception you made for me.
Liza: I am glad I was able to help you answer your questions through Chat Support.  Thank you for choosing Ooma, we appreciate your business!
Liza has disconnected.