Thursday, October 18, 2012

Alice in Wonderland

I just picked up my new lenses for my glasses. The prescription is different in multiple dimensions. It is amusing to watch my brain adjust – or not.

When I look down when I walk (which I’ve discovered I do far more frequently than I'd thought), the earth rises toward me. I end up marching because I’m lifting my feet higher to walk uphill. Even on flat ground I’ve walked on a million times, my brain thinks I’m going up a hill.

As a result, I’m walking with my head up straight. Good posture! I have to keep it high or I end up with the earth rippling in front of me.

Walking with my head up causes the ground to recede. And I’m wearing heels. As a result, walking down the hall I feel like I’m seven feet tall. It’s an interesting sensation: one of puissance, actually. A man walked toward me down the hallway, and I looked at him thinking, with arrogance, “I’m so much taller than he is.” Which is something that does not cross my mind when I am my usual height. (I turned my head as he passed, and I was maybe a few inches taller than him.)

Is this what people who are actually tall experience? This feeling of power, of control, of ownership?

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